Offline web browser

I had trouble downloading a site with HTTrack: the internal links remain absolute (i.e., still to the web) and some internal folders are not downloaded, forcing me to a lot of work separately downloading each folder and correcting the links.

What would you advise as an offline web browser (xp)?

Of course, free is better, but still listening to every solution.

Thank you.

Hi brucine,

I never had a need for Off-line browsing, therefore not much I can advise except a list of the alternatives that you can try (most of them are free). Find it here

Finally, …. not funny at all & sure – the stupidest thing to “suggest” since I’m sure you’ve done that (knowing that you are an experienced user ;)) - HTTrack Forum

I can here the laughter !!! So stop it! ;D Cheers!

I tried (the concerned site is, in french and if you want to test yourself at:

with HTTrack, Offline Explorer, Backstreet Browser.
Offline Explorer and HTTrack are largely more sophisticated, and somewhat equivalent to each other.
Offline Explorer is full gui and more convenient, whereas HTTrack is a mere “gui translation” of an old command line stuff, and Backstreet Browser much more rudimentary.

None of them totally succeeds, sometimes in search depth (some files are present with a browser and not with the other), and none succeeds in a correct path for some of the local # marks.

In every instance, you have to manually correct several links: i guess that, in these conditions, it would be as fast to download every subfolder with your internet browser and then analyze the thing with your favorite web editor so as to restore the proper links.

Offline Explorer relies on Internet Explorer at localhost for offline browsing (Vade retro, Satanas…).

True enough, the website does everything to get you into trouble: the index page links to various internet search engines, and you have to be very careful if you don’t want to load the whole internet.
I also suspect some of these # marks to be lousy written, putting the fault on the writer and not to softwares for the failing links (you succeed on line with a real link: Les FICHES de Bridge 2000, whereas you download something like: du bridge pour commencer: LE JEU de la CARTE du DECLARANT à l'ATOUT (2), which is not the relevant destination, but probably retrieved from this last file also having the correct online link).