offline updates for CIS possible?

Question: Is it possible to download daily virus database updates and program updates to a local directory and then perform an update on a machine that is not normally connected to the Internet?

Background: I have run CFP at home for about one year and am now evaluating CIS on one work machine. This machine operates on a private network except once-per-month when it is connected to the Internet to receive Microsoft updates. I run Kaspersky on the rest of my work machines right now, and I’m able to automate the download of daily and weekly cumulative updates for virus definitions. These are then distributed automatically to my private network machines using scripts and by pointing the Kaspersky updater at a local directory for updates.

Thanks! --Syrus

Hey syrus welcome to the forums. As yet I don’t think that there is an “easy” way to do this… Im guessing that will change in the future as Cavs develops.

What you can have a look at is;
C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\Scanners\

And copy and paste them into the other pc’s. I haven’t tried it myself, But I don’t see why It shouldn’t work.

Hope this helps