Offline Update procedure does not end properly

I have a PC in my neighbor’s house, which does not have an internet connection. I removed AVAST and installed Comodo Antivirus for him, but I could not get it to update.

I followed the forum articles showing how to update Comodo Antivirus offline by downloading bases.cav, starting PC in safe mode and manually overwriting bases.cav file (looks like hack to me though).

Although the bases are updated (I have checked with some known virus samples), the main window is still red, showing that CAV is not up to date and prompts to update it. It does not even show the date of the update file (bases.cav) that I have manually put in the program files folder.

This makes the whole thing worse and irritating.

Can’t we have properly working Comodo Antivirus without a live internet connection?

Sorry it has always been like this, will not show updated until you do a virus update with the program itself.

Please add to Wishlist board with poll option to update offline with download file available.

Thank you


Instead of downloading the latest full database (bases.cav) you can also copy your bases.cav to your neighbours computer.

EricJH, you suggested a good alternative for offline update, but as I mentioned, it still says that the product is not up to date.

I will start a wish with poll on this as Dennis suggested, thanks Dennis.

Thanks I have always found this useful in the past with different AV’s, if you have problems updating with a option like this you can manually download the file and updated it, which can and does solve temporary update problems.


By the way, how to start a wish, I could not find a wishlist board separately.

Should I post it the same way as any thing else?, I figured the poll button though, but no wishlist…

Ok, I have just started a wish in the wishlist board;new#new

Sorry should have added a link, could you please add a poll.



OK, I am now adding a poll to the same above posted link

I have split it now into two posts and two polls

One for Manual Updates;new#new

One for Incremental Updates

Please vote.

Feature implemented in CIS v6.

I think this topic can be locked now.