Offline update method.

I found offline update method by using CIS.

Please take the following step:

  1. Update the newest singature DB by using the internet connection PC.

  2. Copy basec.cav file from C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners to USB

  3. Boot off line PC under safe mode.

  4. Replace basec.cav file from USB to the offline PC’s basec.cav file under C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners

  5. Reboot off line PC

  6. Click CIS and check the DB version.

  7. It should be the newest DB version.

  8. Success!

To sharing with you, if we would like to have offline updating before CIS provide off line update function.

K.I.S.S. ;D

  1. Rename “old” bases.cav to bases1.cav;
  2. Copy updated bases.cav;
  3. Reboot;
  4. Delete bases1.cav
  5. Click CIS and check the DB version.
  6. It should be the newest DB version.

The question is how to skip steps 5) and 6)

I got the offline update to work automatically without having to reboot.

A server updates from comodo-site. My clients PC’s update from the server by a scheduled .bat file. (Bat file running as scheduled task on each client)

cd c:\progra~1\comodo\comodo~1\scanners
ren bases.cav bases_old.cav
copy \server_IP\scanners\bases.cav
taskkill /IM cmdagent.exe /F
net start cmdagent
del bases_old.cav

It works so far, and I just manually verify the DB version once in a while.

Note: You have to configure Defence+ to allow the cmdagent.exe task to be killed, see this thread:;msg112131#msg112131

Any comments?