offline installer for Free Firewall

Is the installer for the Free Firewall (cfw_installer_5732_83.exe) available at
an offline installer?

It’s (202 MB) size makes me hopeful. I’d like to install the Firewall fully before I expose my freshly installed OS (Win7Pro32-bit) to the internet.

yes thats the full installer but it does not have the latest database for the antivirus.

Thank you very much for your reply, wasgij6!

I didn’t realize the firewall (as opposed to the security suite which I don’t plan to use) had virus defs, but I just wasn’t thinking, I see that it would need defs to stop malware. I’m still using a version 5.1.256249.2599 Comodo Free Firewall on which I don’t even know how to update defs (I’m assuming “Check for Updates” just looks for new program versions, since it never finds any), but

I’ll update defs as soon as I go online. (Or maybe right after Windows Update runs.)

Or is it relatively easy to do an offline update of the Defs too?

Download database here:

or here:;msg339558#msg339558