Offline CIS 4.0.138377.779 Installers. (Outdated Thread)

thanks :-TU

Thank you so much for the links. The new small Installer/Downloader leaves much to be desired! Having to uninstall CIS is a true drawback! :cry:


Good Stuff prettyhot :-TU

You beat me to it :smiley:

I made this sticky, unless and until I’m advised otherwise.


Thank you, I to much prefer the offline installer option :slight_smile:

Many of us had been hoping that an offline installer would be made available for CIS v4 thank you so much for making that hope come true. I’m sure that many more people will try CIS v4 as a result of your fine effort!


The ONline installer is a security risk for people with slow internet connections since you have to wait half an hour to several hours before you have your firewall protection on and during this time your computer may have already become a zombie.

The offline installer is much better.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for these, I’m glad someone has had the sense to realise the importance of an offline installer.

Thanks for the offline installer :-TU.

Problems installing CIS4 online installer from behind proxy, this sorted me out.


hmm… I seem to have a problem importing my previous configurations. Version 742 says it cannot import the specified file… why?

Please check my post here

thanks bad. saw yours 1st. works just fine

Hi :

Just installed the 4.0.135279.742 build successfully.And it’s working fine… Well I’ll wait till the .742 release be officially published in the forum, in order to post my review

MiguelAngelXP (V) (V) (V)

still no way to see sandboxed processes, yes i have seen the notifications but what happens if i forgot application x is sandboxed ?

Thanks. Works fine now.


also update from 719 worked fine here on my other system (using comodo update option).

And 6 months later still be a Release Candidate?..Hope not.

Thanks ExecutorC3,

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Yes totally agree & from a Newbie with 5 posts no less, :smiley:
that’s worth an automatic Comodo’s Hero 8 Star upgrade.
That one post is more valuable to me than a 1000 from a Hero,
so lets also give this person 2000 bonus posts as well.

Just out of curiosity is there a link for just the Firewall 4 Download,
that’s all I need??? It would be nice if they could finally strip away Defense +& just give us a stand alone Firewall at some point, but I really do appreciate
Comodo giving us a great free program, so I can live with it.

PrettyHot don’t feel too bad Your still a HERO in my book, ;D Thank You.

Stand Alone installers:;msg373578#msg373578