Offline CIS 4.0.138377.779 Installers. (Outdated Thread)

Offline CIS 4.0.138377.779 Installers.

Woo Hoo the online installer, is now the alternate installer rejoice everyone :-TU

These links are still good I updated hashes and file sizes.
From Comodo Servers these are delivering the 4.0.138377.779 version.

32 bit 41.0 MB
SHA1 - 55E0CE31177D4CE8D772437D6A327E68F41DB7D4

64 bit 42.6 MB
SHA1 - 40005821990DC19F4908AA1582F70DB6F7F8FDAA

Edit: - CIS 4.0.138377.779 has been released. 24/Mar/2010

Edit: - Official Download page here.
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It is not on a comodo server. It is not official ?

Yes Unofficial.
I jumped through the hoops on 2 machines to download these.

“unofficial” - Comodo links are here

Thanks !

Ronny… you take those links back >:( >:( >:(

You know how much screwing around I had to do?

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thanks :-TU

Ronny don’t do it! I’ve already given a link to it :slight_smile:

Feel free to copy them to your OP :-TU

… the answer is on the wire >:-D …

Done. ;D

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you ! :-TU

What did you have to do?

I think I can simply use “URL Snooper” (maybe Ronny/Apach did something similar lol). :stuck_out_tongue:

Obtuse demonstration of the exemplary acuity of ones hindsight.
And the superhuman ability to jump to a “solution” without without first identifying,
and then attempting to rectify the problem by all normal means on 2 platforms.
You know, try to make it work as intended/expected first.
Then after uninstalling, installing, testing, hash checking, uploading and sharing for the good of all.
I come to have my heart broken,Waaah sob sob, seeing all the actual work so easily dismissed.
Feel bad yet?
I am quite sure that, had I from the outset intended to just get a particular file or link.
I could have procured said file or link as a trivial exercise.
Much like I could “simply” press a button and make you seemingly “disappear”.
But it is much more fun to pull your leg. ROFL >:-D


:‘( :’( :cry:

Er…thanks for your effect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ol’ guy on the corner gave me a bag o’ words.
Tryin’ t’ use 'em up fer they go bad.

This thread will be toast real quick, once the new down loader is sorted it should be a thing o’ beauty.


When we will have the changelog to the .719 build?

We Know no more than you, at this point.
I just found out about it through updates, which went smooth by the way.

To but quote moi:

32 Bit | 39.2 MB (41,087,488 bytes):

64 Bit | 40.9 MB (42,788,352 bytes):

cis4 is so amazing,enjoy it!
Thanks for COMODO team!

Edit: changed first link so that it uses the node system…