Offline Bases.cav file overwriting itself

I download the offline virus definitions and tried following the directives on the FAQs page to updater AV 5.3.17422.1216 but it did not work. Each time I renamed and copied the 126MB bases.cav file to the location in Safe Mode and rebooted to Normal, Comodo still show status as “Never Updated”. Going back to the location, I notice the Old and new file are all there but the 126MB file has change to the original 9.3 or so file size. Is XP SP2 the problem or something else? what is the reason for this behavior or is there something I missed.
I keep coming back here because see comodo good. But with no way to update VDB, I would probably be heading back to avast. >:(

Did you try running the AV updater after you copied the bases.cav in Safe Mode? Because there still would be a dozen or so, small, incremental updates.

Hi Eric,
Yea, I did and I noticed the main file size had increased from 80.1MB to 82.6MB during the time it too me to download the offline file of 126MB. After copying that to the designated location, update still started from square 1 with the AV database status showing as “Never updated”. I even waited still the update process reach about 10MB where I concluded it was take the whole stuff online again.
Imagine having to download 85MB of update only to see the connection go off and have to start all over again, which is what happen to me. >:(
I got comodo because of the firewall which I can’t find. I think the AV is good but with update a problem, Avast would surely be welcoming me back.

Sorry you are having these problems with the AV.

The only reason it would overwrite the bases.cav is if the file is corrupt.

Was there any problem when you download full AV database.


Hello Dennis
There was never any problem. The file downloaded successfully. And talking of it being corrupt, could it be that while I was downloading the 126MB file, the size changed over time? I went back to the same location where I started the download and realised the file size had increased to about 131MB.
If that is not the cause of the problem then something else is because the 126mb download was successful.

I suspect his version to be incompatible with the current CIS release (they implemented compression).
I’ll see if I can find an answer

Well just tested this on latest CIS with the bases.cav found here:

And it seems to work fine, just loads a little bit older db but it works.

Maybe your download get’s corrupted, what Internet connection are you using and is downloading going smooth?