Offline Antivirus Updates

I would like to see offline updates of antivirus in CIS so people with no internet connection can also benifit from it, Thank you.

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Just changed from Avira to CIS since it’s has more features for free, but the thing that confuses me most of all is that I can’t get offline updates.
using Avira I was able to go to their site, download *.vdf file with latest base for some period (week, month etc.) and install updates to offline PC.
In my country many people still don’t have access to Internet->they can’t update antivirus base. This will not do.

P.S. If it’s already implemented - please tell where can I get updates base? ???

I’m sure it’s already implemented…

all the sigs are in “#:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners”

I’ll ask other mods if i’m correct


IMAO it’s not user-friendly.
You want user to find someone with Internet and installed CIS with latest bases to copy files from him and then take them to his PC and copy to appropriate folder? You think that avarage PC user can do it himself without being afraid to mess up his system?

What I propose is:

  1. At site - make at download page section for files with signatures updates (look e.g. here for example).
  2. In application make option to update manually. E.g. in GUI - menu item. User clicks it, it opens common file open dialog, user selects needed file and then updater uses this file to update signatures.

In this way user only need to download 1 file from your site - he can do it in any place, even in WC if it’s in free Wi-Fi zone. It’s easy, it’s usefull and doesn’t make any problems to user.

Many antivirus giving free manual update which we can download from there website… say for example, antivir antivirus, avast, avg, kaspersky, etc. then our comodo internet security antivirus dont get that benifit, many times even the updates failing for the people who have internet & also for people who dont have internet and using CIS cannt update there virus database, so it would be 100% benificial for all users in my view that, CIS make manual updates available on there website… so we can just put CIS.exe and Updates.
Thanks in advance i hope this feature will be enabled soon (R)

I Agree this should be an option especially since there is going to be a network release of CIS for Comodo Endpoint


Edit: I just Spoke with support and they told me that pricing for CESM has not been established. So, I am still limited to 5 endpoints. (:AGY)

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I would also appreciate an easy way to perform offline updates. I have numerous PCs and a bandwidth limited internet connection, so cannot afford to have each pc download updates. They must be manual to conserve bandwidth!


Yes indeed many people can be benifited by it

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Offline updates are a primary requirement for any anti-virus solution.

Yes i agree with you 100% and thanks for replying

hi I suspect that comodo is reluctant to make offline updates because
offline users are less likely to become customers of the support - perhaps comodo is right to
have such policy
but i can give an example of that even online users can benefit from
offline updates

today i have following problem - i have outdated avg antivirus and there was a virus
that was preventing some sites to be opened - there was dns errors for antivirus sites

avg was unable to manage this - it was unable to download updates - , avast was unable to
download updates too
perhaps comodo would be in the same situation .

what i did ? i installed avast downloaded offline updates from avast (from another computer -
the infected was unable to connect to antivirus sites) and scheduled boot time scan
and this was the cure …

so despite the usefulness of such policy - not to make offline updates -
there would be some benefits of making them ? for example comodo will be beter (at least
for the cases as mine when there is a virus preventing access to the network)
and being better would attract more customers ?
and unfortunately i don`t see boot time scan in comodo .

other problem - i had another virus that made autorun.inf file and avg found the virus
but was unable to delete it . comogo also found it but was unable to delete too (even after reboot)
pctools antivirus , avira personal and rising antivirus did not find the virus at all .
again avast was able to delete , but there is something fake there:
i try to delete virus and the virus was sent (copyed) to recycle .
from the recycle the virus was removed by avast but the directory itself was impossible to delete
so the virus could be still there i.e avast was made the virus invisible but not delete it ?

by some reasons i don`t like avast
and i think it will be good if we can see in comodo
such features like
offline updates
boot time scanning
and advanced ability to remove threats

i hope comodo will be better


best regards

I would even push it a bit further. As many of us have several PC’s on a network, it would make sense to be able to configure a central local repository and have other PC’s update from it.

Hi ialtaparmakov,
Thanks alot for expressing your views on thread topic, lets hope this feature get implimented soon enough for everyones benifit. :a0 :-TU
Regarding avast i also dont like it ;D why use avast when comodo is there :wink:

Exactly it will be very benificial in that way, thanks alot for expressing your view in this thread and supporting the idea of offline updates :a0 :-TU

I wold not do this - it is too unreliable …
i had experience with symantec corporate - it has such feature - central antivirus server
i had an problem with hole in windows - the hole was used by some worms
and network was almost completely blocked
and in this situation symantec corporate was
helpless and hopeless … because the central server was unavailable …

i was system administrator and i know that to maintain reliable server in virused environment
is nightmare and is too difficult …

instead i would suggest comodo the next idea :
what if it was possible to download updates from the next computer in the network ?
(i mean every comodo instance to be a peer to peer server for updates)
i think if someone can make updates to be download in peer to peer mode…
it would be some advantages i think .
at least reliability of providing updates would increase significantly …
and the problem with small network with bandwidth restrictions would be
solved automatically …

of course there is some difficulties in this
for example it is possible to spread fake updates and compromise
comodo but perhaps there could be solution - for example before
downloading from somewhere updates the client should contact comodo
to check some md check sums to ensue that updates are genuine
or the users could create list of trusted friends from which to download updates
i think this idea is not bad

and second something that comodo should think about (if it not already does -
i hope this note is not needed because comodo had already taken needed measures)
for example i have suspicions that some antivirus could be interfered by some network
activity that could spoil antivirus performance.
so comodo should think about ways comodo antivirus to protect itself form
such interference .

best regards

I had the exact same thing happen with Symantec. The worst/best thing was I had CFPv2 installed and I let in and did not relize until py PC went crazy trying to connect to random networks on port 2967

CFPv2 saved my ■■■ be fore it got out of control and I patched the Symantec clients and tightened the firewall rules.


I need Offline update function.
It is very very very very good function! >:-D

since 2000 y. i had seen about 3 such disasters (as i mentioned earlier) and i can say
such disasters do happen periodically.
mainly because of holes of windows or if by some reason
windows automatic updates does not work.
so i think it would be good if CFP is able to tell the users
which patches would be needed to download from microsoft
and exact location for download
i order to completely remove the corresponding threat.
or even if it is possible to automatically download and install needed patches
it will be the best :))

best regards

Basically you need all the Important Updates as provided by Windows Update. No need for the firewall’s advice here.