Official release date alpha / beta CIS 6. When?

I researched a lot and saw dates close … (Some would say today).

Anyone can tell when the BETA will be released to do the test? :P0l

Next week : Beta is released to the mods and if everything is ok then we’ll have our version too ( for next week ) or the week after.

End of October : Final release 6.0 if no major issues are detected.

I have 8 machines at home using comodo. I would love to test.

I gave up I use kaspersky to use comodo xD

8 machines ;D
Thanks to support Comodo!


YES, 5 laptops, 3 desktops

my whole family, and also install on client computers … (Which stopped coming to see me because of virus. Were not infected and I lost more money hahaha)


I am going to close this topic for the obvious reason of keeping things in one place.

Please continue in COMODO Internet Security 6.0?.