Office Custom Install

Custom Office Install - What all should I install?

Attached is the screenshot

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What you want/need? 88)

Word - Excel - Powerpoint

these are enough for me :-TU


Everybody is going to give you a different answer based on what their needs are. Why would you choose to install anything based on someone else’s needs? ???

Install what you need or think you may need in the future.

Let’s install all of 'em ;D

You do not know what life will bring to you :smiley:

Only install Visio Viewer… whatever that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

All are individual application & will not affect other applications functionality if one or the other is not installed, right?

Office shared features & Office tools are required?

Avoid the MS-bloat, install LibreOffice. :-La :stuck_out_tongue: :a0

+1 :-TU

I had installed Libre office but they lost with the functions & dont want to learn so didn’t liked it.

Word, Excel & Powerpoint I know.

I was thinking if infopath & publisher is required or any of their functions related to the above apps.

I guess one note & groove is not required.

Actually I wanted to know of all the apps in the screenshot what all are mostly installed & required by the majority of users.

Personally, I don’t like LibreOffice. I much prefer Microsoft Office.

Anyway, personally the only ones I use are Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. However, I have actually installed all programs which were on the disk. Then, after defragmenting, you will never even know that they’re there, unless you feel like trying one on some day, or you realize that one of them would work well for something you’d like to do.

Thus, my advice, unless you’re low on hard-drive space, is to install them all. Then you can try them and, if they don’t work for your needs, you can always uninstall them one-by-one anyway.

if your asking if you need something more than likely you dont need it

Then you know what to install. Skip the rest. Still quite bloated, I suspect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks replying frds.

Its genuine office.

I did default i.e full install.

This is a family system used by all so after talking to all I came to the decision that the needed apps are—


Apps not known to any of us—


I think we dont need these. And I think all are individual apps so not installing any/all will not affect other/any installed apps in any way, am I right?

I am confused about the others—

Office shared features
Office tools

Are these required i.e not installing these may result in error with some function of the installed apps due to dependency?

When you need something that is not installed just run the installer again and add the needed components.

I need only word, excel & powerpoint so installed only those.

office shared features & office tools are required with word, excel & powerpoint?

Its not going to take up much room, but it you just want the bare minimum, would you be able to post a picture of

  1. Office shared features
  2. Office tools

Currently I selected not to install.
They have many features.
Attached are the screenshots

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If it was for me personally, I would install all BUT
web debugging
research explorer bar
spanish and french proof reading tools
and some of the web art stuff

Sometime documents have pictures, graphics, and other little stuff like spell checker that could be usefull, but thats just me only

There are 3 ways to install.

Run from my computer

Run all from my computer

Installed on first use

Which one should I select?

And if you dont go for custom install & instead choose direct install i.e in the beginning you get 2 options install & custom, if one selects install, how does it installs i.e does this installs all the things i.e all the features & sub features?