Office 2000 Prob

Right Click on Word & Excel Documents gives an error. Attached is the screenshot. Any solution plzz.


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I would like know more about your OS enivroment. What OS do you have, What security software do you use?

Valentin N

Win XP SP3 Fully Updated

Comodo Firewall Only (No D+ & CAV)

Avast 5 Free

Malwarebytes Free

No other Security Software


the word document is corrupted.

Is your office working? I recommend you to reinstall in case office gives you a hard time.


What happens when you disable all your security programs?

the word document is corrupted.
I don't think so: the OP is speaking of right click and of several documents, not a single one. The registry could be corrupted (missing shell entries to "open with"...).

Word 2000 has a defense+ bug, calling ntvdm.exe and denying whatever modification if doc not given appropriate credentials, but the OP said he did not use defense+.

Powerpoint & Access doesn’t gives this error. Word & Excel is giving this error. When I right click on any word or excel documents the error appears & when I click ok on the error the right click options appear i.e I get the right click options but after clicking ok on the error. Everything else is working fine with office. Reinstall is not possible coz I dont have the CD nor the setup on the drive. Its a preinstalled office. Any solution?? Any other info needed??


I needed myself to reinstall several times Office 2000 for various purposes, the installation seems to be very unstable, particularly when facing security softwares and registry cleaners.

I thus suppose that, whatever the reason of your problem might be, you won’t be able to escape a re-installation step.

I don’t know the status of your computer: if second-hand, you shoud have the CD, if OEM, a restoration CD, if illicit, help yourself on Internet.

But definitely find a re-installation CD.

I didn’t got any CD. I searched for the setup on the drive but I couldn’t find any. But yes its a genuine preinstall version, dont know OEM or Full.


You have in these conditions either a restore CD or a master CD, either a hidden restoring partition.

In the master CD (Packard Bell…) or restore CD (NEC…) event, no hope: it only restores the computer to its factory state: no solution other then to save your data and downloaded items and to re-install everything.

The restoring partition is maybe better, sometimes offering you the option to realize booting media of which you could repair from.

Some OEM also have only an option to command (and generally pay for) the support CDs, or sometimes a website from which you can download what you need with appropriate credentials (Acer…)

Whatever the situation might be, and even outside of your present problem, the first emergency is to realize such a media.

This is a Dell XPS system I got around 2003. I tried googling & Microsoft Fix It center but couldn’t find any solution. I dont know how the problem arised. Due to recent Windows Updates or recently my Bro installed LG PC Suite IV, can this be the prob??? By the way what is sfc /scannow??? Can it solve my prob??


sfc /scannow tries to repair missing system files or dlls. Why not?

Windows Updates and Microsoft Fixit are not related (Windows OS are not provided by default with Office 2000), i don’t know your other software.

The best way would be Dell database itself, you probably can download from it with your credentials the missing installer.

Try nevertheless to look at the reported system events, searching for some missing dll or process, altough Word/Excel would probably have produced a specific error message.

What happens if you launch Word/Excel (left click), or use the New/Open Office item?

Event Viewer is not showing any error. Everything with Office is working fine like double click opening, saving, etc. Only right click gives error with word & excel. Screenshot of error is attached in the very first post.

sfc /scannow, will it ask for XP CD?? I have XP SP2 CD & I have updated XP to SP3. So SP2 CD will do??

Under Run I have to type sfc /scannow & hit enter, right??

Should I also try check disk??


Hi Naren. Please use caution with registry. I would try exporting and deleting, or rename this key and try it. Hkey\currentuser\software\microsoft\office\versionnumber\word\data.
Rename this key to data0 or something. This key gets recreated when you use word and excel. If all works well then you could delete the renamed or exported key, if it doesn’t recreate for some reason you could put it back to the original name Data.
Also has their been any recent changes like MS updates at the time of this happening? Kind regards.

Should I also try check disk??
No, i don't think so.
Under Run I have to type sfc /scannow & hit enter, right??
No, sfc runs from the command line. Only checks system files, no use if a specific office file is corrupted or missing.
sfc /scannow, will it ask for XP CD??
It might, and then would ask first for the sp2 cd, next for the sp3 update: you should deploy your own sp3 boot cd, as per e.g.:

As captainsticks says, i believe the problem to be associated, if not with some missing dll, with some corrupted registry key, but is is much harder to find then to plainly re-install, and if you delete all of word/excel keys in the registry, you shall need either high skills to rewrite them manually…either the office CD.
You could also look at what File Types (doc, xls) “open” says.
The correct syntax for Word is:
Action: &Open
Application used: “(Path)\WINWORD.EXE” /n
DDE is checked with:
DDE Message: [REM _DDE_Direct][FileOpen(“%1”)]
Application: Winword