Offer new utility against new threat called JitterBugs

What is JitterBugs? Please check out below.

JitterBugs is a new threat that “secretly listens” to typing inside a keyboard and sends secret information such as passwords or credit cards to criminals. Since criminals know that today many personal computers are already secured by several utilites such as antivirus, firewall and antispyware, they try to look for any other weakness and find one in keyboards because they are not protected yet. JitterBugs is a small device with very limited memory installed inside a keyboard or between a keyboard and a cable. To be sure buying a keyboard or cables without JitterBugs, never buy a new one from untrusted sources! :slight_smile:

If you wish to check your keyboard to be sure it is not JitterBugs from time to time, you need a new utility that will be able to check and gives results whether your keyboard is JitterBugs. Therefore, I offer to Comodo programmers to develop a new program fighting against JitterBugs - I will call it Anti-JitterBugs utility!! ;D

Good luck.

Eran Karu

Not easy to detect hardware keyloggers…
thats why I had developed a chip for it :wink: About Fujitsu : Fujitsu United States

this is very old news though, you could buy hardware keyloggers since 2000-2001 (if no before) online…


Wow, I did not know such a tool exist. Looks like it is a type of high-tech spying.

Yours truly,

Since JitterBugs are physical devices. I think what your firewall does or does not do, will be the last of your problems if an attacker has physical access to your system.

Kail, good one. Yeah, makes pretty much sense to me. :slight_smile:

Yours truly,