Offer CPF without Launch Pad

First I would like to say thank you for allowing users to switch Launch Pad off.

I am a firm believer in PROGRAM PURITY and have good reasons for that. I would like to request that Comodo make available the Personal Firewall without any code beyond any use except as a Firewall and updater.

One with Launch Pad and one without would accomplish two things in my opinion.

  1. Users who fear potential misuse of extraneous code/application would have the alternative.
  2. Comodo could decisively end the discussion regarding Launch Pad and gain witness to the effect it would have on downloads of the product.

I believe there are viable alternatives for Comodo to collect or dissiminate information without effecting program purity of it’s products. I believe it is very important to protect program purity and maintain it as a standard to prevent misuse and alleviate the fears (justified) of end users.


I have to agree, the main thing that has stopped me usin Comodo as main firewall has been the bundled Launchpad which i have no use for at all & would prefer that it isnt installed at all.

BaNzI ;D

I also agree with the posts above! I would point out that others applications have encountered related issues and have sometimes responded to uers. One of these is ■■■■ Cleaner, which started bunding Yahoo! Toolbar: this could be installed or not, as one wished, but in response to many complaints, now offers two extra editiona, neither with that toolbar, and one with only English language support. Comodo could do something similar. Otherwise

I understand what you mean, but until they (maybe) offer a firewall without Lauchpad, you can easily disable it, by right-clicking on the icon, choose options, and unclick “start with windows”.
Sorry if you already knew that, but i said it if someone didn’t…

so how about an option at installation stage?

or any other ideas?


Sounds good

I think that would be the best way of doing it. But make sure the user knows what launch pad is and why they may want it.

Since I have it disabled, I would rather not have it installed in the first place, but I can see some might want it.

And if your realy hate it, for now, you can safely manualy delete it (after you disabled it). I deleted it mainly because it installs in its own folder in Program Files instead of the folder I specified and I realy hate that. The same goes for the license, I moved it to Program Files\Common Files, where it should be installed in the first place, as this is the location meant for files shared betwean programs and there it doesn’t clutter my Program Files folder.

Yes, an option when you install is good enough! They who doesn’t want to install it, should have that option. Then when they are impressed with your firewall, and want to try the antivirus as well, there should be an option to install just the Launchpad in the same way. If you choose to have let’s say CPF and CAV installed, you should be able to ONLY have Launchpad icon in the tray, so you don’t have 3 icons… i’m allergic to icons in the tray… :wink:

That option would be better than having it installed and not using it. It is still a bit of a compromise (though granted very little).

That option would not be much different from offering no installation at all - program purity.

The decisive gain with total program purity would be a great difference.

…and a total victory for both Comodo and the end user.

On second thought, I think an option not to install Launch Pad could be the final solution. I had to think about it, taste it (I am passionate about program purity) and it accomplishes the same thing.

If this were done, even the most hard core hold outs couldn’t sustain argument.

Please do this (:CLP)

The most common complaint’s about Comodo, is the launchpad… “forced adware” and whatever they call it… It would help Comodo get more users if they remove it in some way…
Personally, i just don’t like unnessesary icons… :wink:

Good idea.

Just like what i have think.

Hi Melih,

While all good ideas, which I am not touching on, I just wanted to point out that some like the top poster seemed worried about security with launchpad as here…

<Users who fear potential misuse of extraneous code/application would have the alternative.>

Is there any fear of misuse with launchpad? Does it pose a security risk as an additive to the firewall?
Some may in fact wonder about this. I admit, my first install with Comodo CPF,I was a bit concerned about the launch pad as well. Of course being a regular user now, I know better but I can see why they would think this. Would a brief explanation be alright on this Melih or do you feel it won’t be an issue either way?

Thank you Melih,


Paul the P.I.T.A

We are giving the option of not installing launchpad at installation stage a serious thought. This would be optional perhaps. If you want to install launchpad u can but if not it won’t install it.


Ok, just to give my 2 cents, I think I agree. Launch pad is nice for a separate (if want to have) idea, but not having to be attached to the firewall itself. Perhaps this may give launch pad an edge. It can be the news box, import your Comodo program controller for those who want all in one access, perhaps have a shortcut forum box where users just pop it up, see a preview of the forums, or new posts etc…ok, there goes my brain agian, time to quit.