Off Topic Splits from COMODO Internet Security 5.8.206694.2075 BETA Bug Reports

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This is not the official bug report topic.
The official bug report topic is
Please submit your bug reports there.


Not sure this is a bug, or maybe an issue with Process Explorer. I noticed after updating to a recent version of Process Explorer, WS Private Bytes does not show up for CISs two processes. Other metrics for CIS show fine.

  1. v2075
  2. Win7-64bit sp1

it might be PE, they show up fine in process hacker

I can’t install it on my Windows 7 x64 with latest updates.
"Comodo Internet Security Beta can not install
Error 1603. Fatal error during installation
Want to try again? Yes/No "
If I click on yes, this little window come up again, and again, and again :confused:

I able to install this beta after I run 2 CIS cleaner from here: Comodo Internet Security Installation Error 1603
Security software history:
I used the stable version of CIS, after that I tried ESET SS 5 rc, and after that this CIS beta. Everything is uninstalled with REVO uninstaller (normal uninstal+special scaning method).


For info,
Windows 8 is not supported… “The installation does not support target platform”



It’s definitely not a bug that an application will not run properly on a pre-beta release of a new operating system…