Of 3 Options to Remove Browsing History only one works in Beta

Of 3 Options to remove Browsing History only one works in Beta

The two Options that fail are:

Under the Wrench Options top of the next page Clear Browsing Data

2nd option that fails is

Under the Wrench History Edit items Clear Browsing Data

The option that works, the same as #2 but place check mark in each box and and then click on Remove Selected Items.


The problem with deleting History in Beta is now working with all 3 options.

In trying to fix another problem with Flash Player, I did the usuall cleanings, uninstalling reinstalling etc.
This time though I ran SFC /purgecache and ran SFC /Scannnow Again under C: right click Tools, Error checking both boxes checked and shut down for the night.

Not sure what got deleted and now replaced by SFC /Scannow ?



Spoke too soon :frowning:

Did not run any cleaners only Empty Trash. The same problems as before only 1 of 3 options to delete browser history works