Just as the title suggests, this is a bloody oddity, that I still did not figure out yet.
Perhaps someone has a few ideas of how it happened and how to solve it. Maybe…

A few months ago I slipstreamed SP1 to Windows Vista. All went OK. I use virtual machines alot to test security apps, and I’ve been testing them on SP1.

What happens is that yesterday I was going to create a new virtual machine using the ISO file containing the Windows Vista SP1 that I had splistreamed, and the oddity that happened is that when I placed the dvd (where the ISO file is saved) on the dvd-reader/writer, my real system (Windows Vista Home Premium) auto played the DVD containing the ISO file as it auto plays a normal Windows Vista DVD (to install windows).

This has never happened before. I suspect it could had been an update doing this, but I do not have any restore points before that, so…

Of course that I can make a new slipstream, but I would like to know how tthe hell this happened.

Any ideas? :THNK