Odd things - please help! [RESOLVED]

Hi folks,

My first post here, so please go easy!!

I recently ditched ZAlarm, mainly as I’ve just got a new laptop, and saw it as a chance for a clean start. Having installed CPF, early impressions are it looks good, but I’m struggling with a couple of odd things.

  1. I use Total Commander as my FTP client for uploading to my website host. However, I can now only upload files successfully with this tool if I temporarily drop the security level in CPF to ‘allow all’, despite the fact that I’ve given this app full application permissions through CPF. Once i put the security level back to ‘custom’, I can FTP for a few minutes before the issue kicks in. To eliminate issues with Total Commander, I’ve tried the same process with SmartFTP, but get the same probs. Am I missing something obvious?

  2. Very odd one this. Certain websites now appear to be behave strangely. for example, I couldn’t log into eBay this evening until I dropped the security level to ‘allow all’, and the same with Gmail yesterday - but today this doesn’t seem to be a problem?! I appreciate this may appear to just be intermittent issues with the various websites, but it’s happenned a few to many times to appear more than coincidence. I’m using Firefox, and again have given the app all the rights I think it needs!

Thanks in advance for any responses!


Can you please download and try the beta version which is available at


Have downloaded the beta, and so far so good with regards to the previous issues I outlined above. I appreciate you sending me in the right direction, and look forward to continuing to enjoy the product!

Cheers! :wink:

Glad to hear that. Dont forget to download and install the upcoming BETA next week.



I am encountering the same problem with Total Commander, I am running version

I could not establish a connection to an FTP server without disabling the network monitor. Even then, files I try to upload are being fragmented! Turning CPF to “Allow all” resolves the matter, but that’s not the best option, is it. :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated, and thank you for this otherwise wonderful software. (R)

  • manicmanus

Hello to all

i am having problems connecting with Total Commander to ftp servers(linux based) behind some routers

one connection work ok and others dont

i have rule for TC to alow everything but when tc connect to server they have to exchange some kind off masage before he can get directory list

Date/Time :2006-10-01 19:41:24Severity :MediumReporter :Network MonitorDescription: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP =, Port = 2910)Protocol: TCP IncomingSource: 85.158.xx.xx:62857 Destination: TCP Flags: SYN Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 10

Rulke 10 is defualt block rule



PS. I run