odd question

If you go to Advanced, Miscellaneous Configure, there is an option regarding how long an alert will remain on the screen if left unanswered, with the max being 300 seconds (5 mins).

I happen to leave my PC on 24/7, so how will i be able to see what alerts were automatically configured overnight? Is there a way around this?


If you don’t respond to the alert, it will be blocked without creating a permanent rule. Checking the log (activity/logs) would show what had occurred. You’ll want to check for Application Monitor, or Application Behavior Analysis entries.

If you don’t want anything happening overnight, when you go down for the night, change the Security Level to Block All (from Custom); then switch back in the morning.


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+1 to what Mac stated. And in case you want to know why it’s a block and not an allow after the maximum 5 minutes it’s because CFP adopts the default-deny principle: security comes first.

PS: This is not a strange question. Well, it may be strange in the sense that I think it’s only been asked twice in this forum instead of 2 thousand times.