Odd Connection Issue After Update

Since I auto updated to the latest version which was a couple of days ago, I have been having a very strange issue. I get on my PC and when I try to surf the net I get either page cannot be displayed or a get garbled characters on the page. I can still remote into my PC and as far as I can tell all other forms of connectivity are good. just when I open IE and try to surf. When I change CPF to “Allow All” all is fine again. As soon I set it back to custom it happens again.

I also get an odd message when I go to Google when I have it set to custom. (See screenshots)

What could the problem be. I really like CPF and would like to continue to use it.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I had that google one aswell before. It was after I restricted the IE rules to certain ports etc. I ended up with loads of rules and it got too messy. I think some required protocol and port (listening port or loopback) was being blocked by my rules.

I removed the rules for IE and Avast Webshield (proxy), restarted IE and Avast Webshield to create basic new rules and all was ok.