Odd Comodo Leak test?

It seems that almost everybody that Failed with bad scores, Failed because they ran the leak test first without disabling the sandbox, but then after they disable the sandbox the test magically passes, then re enable the sandbox and passes again, why is this? why didn’t the sandbox prevent the CLT in the first place, the sandbox should have prevented the test from getting to any of the apps such as iexplorer/firefox in the first place? why did it have to be ran outside of the sandbox to pass, and then all of the sudden pass with the sandbox enabled again?

I don’t get it? why didn’t the sandbox stop it from opening explorer ect in the first place? its like the thing slipped through the sandbox, it just doesn’t make any cents why it had to be ran outside the sandbox first to pass?

and yes I had all of the settings to the t before I ran the test that failed 210/340, the only thing different in the second test is I disabled the sandbox and passed 340/340 then 3rd test enabled the sandbox and passed 340/340,

Why was it able to bypass the sandbox in the first test? before I disabled the sandbox?

also sandboxed clt totally fails at least one test while sandbox disabled 340/340 can be achieved.
And when clt ran not sandboxed but sandbox enabled - cis fails to protect most of clt tests… like sandbox is the only protection enabled.

Thanks for your reply, I just hope that nothing else has been accidentally added, or Spyware intentionally added by request to the cloud/whitelists ect?

I think accidentally added is the wrong word :slight_smile:

AS CLT is a Safe program it does not damage your computer only tests it.

It was added as a Safe program so all tests fail, for the test to work properly it must not be classed as a Safe program (even though it is).

The same applies to any other test even thought they do not damage your computer, they must not be classed as Safe files.


Oh yes, ofcourse… and sandboxing and HIPS and D+ and other words are just for fun and just ignored if some strange app gets added in some cloud’s list called white…) And user-side protections is not more that server-wished-side to protect user by some lists in there… Hope there will be an update to CIS to make users less dependent on some lists and more true HIPS protected as maybe it was in earlier 4(?) CIS versions.