Odd behaviour of Add Remove Programs after Comodo installation

I’ve installed Comodo Firewall v3 and it nicely cleaned my registry subset under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
What happened? Now I can list the programs that I have installed on my computer, but there are no buttons for modifying / uninstalling at all!

Does it have anything common with Comodo’s “Installation mode”?
Please help!

So you say you uninstalled it, but it still gives itself in the Ad/remove folder?


Install mode is for when you are installing something. Never mess with regedit unless you know what your doing. I never use Add/Remove under Windows. I always use Revo Uninstaller or CCleaner. I just brought up my list in Add/Remove programs and under the Comodo tab I can remove it.

If so, Try the registry cleaner made by Ragwing in attachement.

If this doesn’t work , you can also use the registry cleaner from CCleaner

Or use the full Advanced Windows Care

Post back if it worked out, and certainly when it didn’t


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Hi again,
thanks for quick reply.
I will now try what you’ve suggested, just want to say that I cannot uninstall Comodo because I don’t see the Modify/Uninstall buttons in the Add/Remove Programs listing. These buttons are available just for applications that I have recently installed - after Comodo installation. All other applications are listed, but have no buttons.

IMO this is because something erased registry subset I mentioned before, and I thought it was some feature of Comodo - just to give you some extra security or something…

I will now try to make of use of the other uninstalling software - will see what happens.

I can’t have windows Add/Remove Programs back to work, but CCleaner’s uninstallation module seems to work for that!! (Advanced Windows Care lists the same as Windows’ Add/Remove Programs - I’ve just checked)

Thanks a lot for the help!

So your problem is fixed? (I think it is)

Another +1 help for Xan ;D


Not exactly, because I still can’t access regular Add/Remove Programs from Windows, but instead of this I can use CCleaner - and this, hopefuly, fixes the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you Xan!