Odd anomaly: Services started, then stopped, on resume

Just what it says, and it’s got me stumped. I came back to my laptop after a nap and as usual it reconnected itself to the internet. All of a sudden (about 2-3 minutes after it started) the network dropped for me. On investigation it said to start Wireless Zero in services which typically starts automatically. So I went in there and started Wireless zero and noticed it was indeed stopped.Weird. So I looked around some more and noticed Windows Audio, Work Station, Windows Management Instrumentation, Server, Security Accounts, Shell Hardware Detection, and DHCP client were all not started. I say that specifically, because they didn’t display as stopped either.

I did nothing more than resume from standby and check email. I’m using XP SP3. Upon restart all services that are set to start normally did start normally. And I connected like usual. Who/what killed my services?