ocsinventory.exe server application rules


When I log on in my working domain an application is run from the sever:
Comodo Firewall pops up everytime I log on asking me what to do with that application (something like 5 times in a row)
In the Network Security Policy I have rows of the same rule applied to that application:
Allow IP Out from MAC Any to MAC any where Protocol is any
How I can make the firewall understand that application can run without bothering me with pops up?
Firewall Security is ‘Safe Mode’, defense and sandbox are disabled.
In Network Zones my local netowork is in the list and myServer belongs to it too.

Thank you!

The program is on a non fixed source (network location in this case) and CIS will only remember the rules for the Windows session. CIS views all applications that are not on internal hard drives as not secure.

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is there a way I can tell CIS to trust that program coming always from the same server?
I can trust the entire server if needed…