Obvious method to uninstall Yahoo search

Pretty self-explanatory. Apparently there was an opt-out I missed upon installation and I suddenly had my web browsers infested with Yahoo home pages and searches. I had to go manually remove all traces of them (pretty in-depth). There should be an easy to find button somewhere that not only removes the Yahoo things, but also restores what was there before.

I agree 100%, thanks for posting the wish. :-TU

I am going to REMOVE Ice Dragon because I absolutely HATE the Yahoo search and can’t get rid of it. A shame, but I want Google UK search - ANYTHING rather than that abysmal “centred” search

No need to remove that would change the search engine.
You can change the search engine.


I said yes. But as usual, not all pay attention to the additional installation.

BIG :-TU :-TU to that. I have seen so many complaints on this.