Obsolescence- confusing messages - and is there just a normal update?

Hi all. My XP box has been quietly running Comodo IS for several years. I just opened the application & noticed a little message that “we discontinued database updates for this version on November 1st 2010…please update to the latest version.” oops. Although it does also say they virus database has been updated today. Any ideas?

The product version is 3.14.130099.587. If I wish/need to update to the newest version do I have to follow the above stiicky’s guidance, with it’s 98 posts, or is there a simpler approach that I can adopt?


Are you sure it says that it updated today and not that it checked for updates today? Either way I would strongly advise following the guide by Chiron.

The safest way to upgrade would be to follow the advice I give in this post. Run the removal tools in Safe Mode.

Let me know if you have any questions, or run into trouble.