Obsessesed With Technology

Is there a trend going were the layout of internet and cool graphics that move online are like commercials that get people to buy things. Do you get compelled to click “blinking ads” because they attracted you?

I am wondering why I look at websites and cool graphics and begin thinking I should
do alot online now, I want to do it all online.

Maybe when I was ten… ;D
Now I know they’re all hoaxes and what they can do. :wink:

Now people drive without even having to use their brain to know were they are going.

GPS is funn to stare at while you try to drive (:NRD)

LOL. I listen to mine! :slight_smile:

I listen to mine also, but occasionally glance at it for alternate routes during work (I drive a tanker truck).

I was more of a simple fellow. I’m definitely not obsessed with technology. If anything you could say I’m more scared of technology as it moves so fast that I can barely keep up with it. Wow, I sound just like my grandpa now.

scary when you realize where they are coming from (but it’s you).