Objective comparison: Comodo vs Avast ...

Ok guys…

I ran my own comparison using an indispuitable method:

Comodo vs Avast http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=Comodo&word2=Avast

Comodo vs AVG

Comodo vs McAfee

Comodo vs Norton

Looks like we have a way to go. I would have run more exhaustive tests, but… Oh look! A BUNNY!!!

Hmmm, this is strange to say the least. Norton beat oprah winfrey, Holle barry, and Alyssa Milano. Hey hold on!

Alright, Melih lost against Bill gates, Hulk Hogan and Rosie o donnel. But he did win against Mother Theresa! (:CLP)




We’ll get there no doubt, sooner or later everyone is going to learn that they should secure their PC and there’s only one place to accomplish that.

Hi guys, Well some results,

Ryan beat Scomodo!

Ewen got beat by mother in laws!

I finally won a fight with my wife!! lolll. (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)



(:LGH) (:KWL)
, unfortunately…





Troubling indeed. But let’s not lose site that Comodo is working it’s way up. Also, news spreads quickly and CPF is becoming close to #1 on some sites. Another note, There is a BIG NAME syndrome as well and I see that all the time. As I have argued with some about Norton, the only reason theire stock is so high is due to brands like HP, Compaq, and the list goes on…putting Norton on their packaged computers. I personally have seen people think that Norton is the ONLY anti-v just because it’s there, and some who don’t believe any other anti-v will do because of the Norton name.
Vcom, perhaps the fastest , best virus engine,(trend micro technology) etc…(no offense to Comodo)<----next best ;D but yet is not recognized, yet many tech types use Vcom, not Norton. Norton is overbloated, slowing down resources, integrates into the system way too much, and has caused greif many times over for people. My point is these companies keep on top of the market from name, not always by how they work. Like CPF, to me and from a technical aspect, is the best firewall out there, hands down and it has proved to be many times. So why is it so many would attempt to knock it down? Simple other large companies are afraid, I mean the thought of a BETTER firewall, for FREE would simply devistate those who want money for a firewall that WON’T pass a leak test, doesn’t look as good, etc…These large companies would be , to be BLUNT to see Comodo rise up. Some marketing supression is definately going on but eventually, Comodo personal services will make their way up, the members list grows every day and Comodo is improving all the time. They are working on quality strategy it seems more than the marketing side, once the solidity and validation of users is in place, the marketing aspect would ascend I would think.



Pffttt!.. Comodo won the fight, fair and square. Google Trends… probably still wears polyester.

That bad? So bogus?




So far, “Mother In Law” has beaten Saddam Hussein, Comodo, God and Satan! Unbeatable, unstoppable, inedible …

ewen :slight_smile:

LMAOOO!!! :smiley: :smiley: We knew , deep down , we knew! :smiley: