yea so as i enthusiastically said in the title i have some damn viruses. CAVS finds them (top job team (:KWL)) and removes them but they keep coming back. Ive done a full system scan but CAVS doesnt find any infections in my system. (i realise its detection rate isnt the best atm so i wasnt surprsed, no offence ppl!)
Anyway ive attatched my antivirus recent events thing to show the names of the viruses.

Any help with this would be great, viruses use my precious resources!!! lol

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Download and install:

SUPERAntiSpyware - http://www.superantispyware.com/
Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware - http://www.malwarebytes.org/

Then run full scann

Read this: Comodo Forum


Haha, I like the fact that your joking about it :slight_smile: have fun!

How about removing your temporary (internet) files and start.exe? If there are no undetected items, that should be all… or is that a simplistic approach from a non-expert? (:NRD)

As one of these files is indicated to be a trojan downloader (and it is in the Temporary Internet Files), it almost certainly is something you picked up on some website with embedded malware. If you visit that site regularly, that could explain why it keeps coming back. Are you a porn surfer by any chance? (:LGH)

theres a dropper, post a hijackthis log :slight_smile:

Try disabling system restore, then run a scan.
They might be coming back from ur backups.

just kill and isolate the application so that it wont run…
yah thats why i put my defense+ on paranoid lv so i verify all programs myself

Just to do the whole cleaning. Please follow my guide


EDIT : and of course with the help of 3xist

Yes… You’re Guide. 88)


EDIT : and of course with the help of 3xist
Better ?


Kinda! ;D lol Just joking.