Nvidia problems with Comodo + Avast


I bought a U430 Touch and installed Windows 7. Now I got a Problem, only with the newest Nvidia drivers.

I use Comodo Firewall and Avast Antivirus on my system + the newest Nvidia driver.
When I start Chrome, I get sometimes an Error message: “unknown software exception: 0xc0000409”, its really just sometimes and if i get the message, then I cant load pages or just slowly. (I got the same setup on my Desktop PC and it works there without problems)

If I install the old Nvidia driver Version from the Lenovo support site + avast + comodo it works with no Errors.

Also it works if i only install:
Comodo + newest nvidia driver without Avast
Avast + newest nvidia driver without Comodo
Avast + Comodo without nvidia

It bothers me that I can’t use the newest Nvidia driver + my self defense kit.
Hope you guys got any solution tips. Sorry for my english.