Nvidia files - FP?

Comodo says Nvidia files are virus.

Database version: 1215

nvudisp.exe - in Nvidia (Nvidia for Win2k and WinXP, version 175.19) folder
NVUNINST.EXE - in windows, system 32 folder
nvudisp.exe - in windows, system 32 folder

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/ linux

Hi, linux,

We are inspecting the files and a fix will be provided after false positive confirmation.


Just an OT note, have you tried driver 185.85? I didn’t receive any FP with this.

John Buchanan: I PM you so we dont go to much OT.

Anyway, Comodo updated now and nothing detected when i scan thoose folders again.


Still get FP (Heur.Suspicious@19987002) for nvudisp.exe.

509 and DB 1219.

Then I guess you have a other Nvidia version. True?

I have version 175.19 and Comodo DB version 1219 and mine is OK now.

/ linux

I should have mentioned that:

I have 185.85 running Win XP SP3+

Hi linux,

Mentioned FP has been fixed.
Please verify with DB 1233.

-Chandra Mohan

Thanks, all ok.