Nvidia ESA / others

NVIDIA ESA nvclkxx.sys files and exe’s are false positives.

All versions… v6.02->v6.05


  1. extract with WinRAR and Comodo will start bitching don’t even needs to install I mean.

Side note:
What’s the idea of Comodo Anti-virus when I have to block it from running evry single tools, benchmark or System folder there is. Since this thing detects atm over 150 False positives on my machine and I know for 100% sure everything is clean by Virustotal.com. Almost every single capable system tool is false-positive.

Not that I’m paying for the software or anything, but it’s really starting to get me to use Comodo at all. It’s just too much work to see Comodo hit on screen on near every occasion you download, open or run something.

I seriously suggest you the development team start bashing this URL really hard:

Hi genetix,

Reported false positives are being verified.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi genetix,

The following false positive has been fixed in DB 2020.

Please report here, if not fixed.

-Chandra Mohan