nVidia dll's fail to load at boot ( x32)

After updating from the previous version to and then rebooting, I got 3 separate Windows pop-up dialogs telling me that my nvcpl.dll, nvmctray.dll and nvsvc.dll’s all failed to load. Never had this issue before the update to -295. After hours of research, tweaking Defense+ settings and rebootings, the only solution that fixed the problem was to “Permanently disable” Defense+.

Don’t know if this is related at all but also when I clicked Scan My System in the Defense+ tasks, absolutely nothing would happen.

HP Pavillion dv9429
AMD 64 x2
Vista 32 (I’m an Administrator)
nVidia 6150
AVG Free antivirus

Hmm…I’m having the same problem as well. I hope there is a solution soon…


This might do it:
In Defense+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy, locate or add rundll32.exe and set it to ‘Windows System Application’.

Rundll32.exe is (in XP) located in x:\Windows\system32.

At least that solve the problem for me, but I have XP.

Greetings from Sweden (:WAV).

I was having the same problem and all I had to do was uncheck “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”.

This is under Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Settings>General Settings tab then look at the bottom. This was enabled by default on this release to help tighten up basic security a little. I don’t think it was checked on previous versions by default.

EDIT: I think I also unchecked “Block fragmented IP packets”. This is under Firewall>Advanced>Attack Detection Settings>Miscellaneous tab then right at the top of the window.

This stopped it for me.



That’s funny, co’s I’ve both of them checked. However, rundll32 do some other things in some other situations too, but I’ve forget wich :slight_smile:

Well, well, a man can do things in many ways…

Next one… :slight_smile:

I was having a problem with rundll32.exe loading sispower.dll on boot so I added it in Run an executable for Rundll32.exe.
It did not work at first but does now 2 days later.
I believe they have changed the permissions for Rundll32.exe so that you get alerts for all .dll’s it loads if you have Defence+ set in Paranoid Mode.

[at] Snowman

I doubt if the Block Fragmented Packet really fixed anything but I just see no need(for me) to have that checked. That was just an afterthought since I don’t think it was checked by default in previous versions that I can remember.

I think the other rule that I unchecked was when I noticed that mine was fixed as I had never had anything blocked like that in previous versions and I don’t think these 2 rules were checked by default in previous versions.

[at] Dennis2
I run mine in CleanPC mode at the moment as it seems to run smooth with the other security programs that I use, and has proven to be very secure wherever I’m at, but your way works too. That is what is so cool about this firewall, you can set it so many different ways depending on how tight you want your security.

As far as the not scanning in Vista, I have XP so I really couldn’t help anyone there.

have a good one


Anyone willing to give a try to that "“Block all unknown requests if the application is closed” D+ settings.

Here it is the issue.
Few processes start before CFP so no alert is shown hence no rule is generated. Since I found no way to log such cases before CFP run the way I usually addess this
is forcing those apps to load after CFP. In most cases I only need to logoff/logon other times I need to track down the run string in windows registry and past it in the run dialog box.

MSconfig startup tab could be used to look at those commands to run but you cannot copy/paste them

[at] jasper
I agree with you. No, Blocked Fragmented Packet was’nt checked in previous versions and the same goes for Block All Unknown (if I remember correct).
rundll32 is set to Custom Policy as default wich I think is’nt so good as we (me) have seen with nVidia so far.

[at] gibran
In version .295 I have checked Block All Unknown and it’s running smootly. No problems for me.
B.t.w. I also since a couple of years used a program called StartUp Delayer wich can delay start up of programs when computer starts. And that program has solved a couple of start up problems when all autostarting programs will start at the same time only to make troubles to each other.
In my settings for that I’ve let CFP, CMF and BOClean start immediately and all others are started after some delay one by one when the computer has calm down. It’s a sort of starting queue, n.b. it can’t delay services. And no, it didn’t speed up anything, it only make things go smootly.

And as a note, I also have the same settings in an ancient laptop wich also runs smootly (but very slow by default ;D ).

I guess that utility allowed those startup apps to be learned by D+.

Block all unknown should pose no issues to startups app that have fully trained D+ policies. So Running those executables after CFP generates the alerts needed to configure them to run when cfp is closed.

Yes, that’s what I think too.

I just found the site Available Products for download | r2 Studios

Maybe this feature should be added to cfp too :-TU

That’s exactly what I use ;D

And yes, why not add that feature? It’s a common problem with Windows when everything want to start at the same time… No panic, everybody at the same time :slight_smile:

To all who offered suggestions, thank you!! (:CLP) For me, I simply changed rundll32.exe to a Windows System Application in the Computer Security Policy, re-enabled Defense+ and rebooted, and no more dll loading errors. CFP is a great security tool but it looks like Comodo still needs to do some code tweaks in order to get everything right.

Still can’t figure out why clicking on Scan My System in Defense+ Tasks does absolutely nothing, however. This and everything else seems to work fine on my XP machine with -.295. But Vista’s always been a pain - some apps work exactly as they should, but many don’t :-TD