I was installing some older nvidia graphic card drivers and when I finished, I noticed D+ was acting odd. It was asking for everything that already had a security policy set. I looked and found that every single security policy set was deleted and every predefined setting was gone. Somehow nvidia obliterated D+ and who knows what other malicious acts has also happened.

How can something like this happen? Now I have to reinstall everything, reset all my settings, and spend hours getting back to normal for simply installing drivers.

im ■■■■■■.

I’m sorry to hear that. I guess what’s done is done, but I recommend exporting your settings next time, incase of another loss.

CIS > Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Export > Save file somewhere

Something like that happened with once, but not with nvidia drivers. I was installing one application and after that, D+ was asking me everything again.