Numerous popups for Steam.exe and games

For about a month or so my computer started behaving, more exactly I would not have access to Internet for a few minutes after boot or restart. As I suspected Comodo Internet Security was the culprit as it was not starting and even giving some errors at times.

Today I decided to reinstall the suite in order to see if the problem is fixed. I’ve gone through the usual steps of setting it by changing the configuration to proactive and enabling some things in the firewall and defense+ according to the Quick Start Guide. The issue was resolved and everything works pretty much the same with the difference when I tried starting GTA V and Hitman it started nagging me with dozen popups about the executables trying to do their jobs and connecting to the Internet. Even after choosing the options to treat the executable as an “allowed application” it would still ask me things.

After checking the files digital signatures, they are indeed signed by Rockstar Games, Inc. and Square Enix LTD, respectively, which for everybody that is a gamer rings a bell as they are popular companies.

From what I remember about Comodo I know it has a Trusted Vendor list which should be quite populated and even checks against the cloud so what is happening with my copy of Comodo?