Numerous Hits

I can’t figure what’s causing this problem. Really not a problem since the firewall blocks, but after researching and trying everything it keeps happening thousands of times a night. I delete the log a lot. Is it any way to keep the firewall from logging this event? See attached. Thanks for your help.

Hi Jon, I looked this over and understand,but have not benn able to find the culprit. Just wondering if there was a way to not log this one event? Thanks

Hi 4putt,
the only way to have no logs is to open the firewall global rule “block IP in” and de-select “log this event”

When both destination and source port shows zero in the firewall event logs, it means it is a fragmented packet that was blocked due to the firewall advanced settings block fragmented IP traffic. Do you happen to have a network printer? I’ve noticed HP printers like to send out fragmented multicast traffic.