numerous connection within firewall active connection tab

I have just experienced a long list of new connections whitin my firewall “view active connection” tab.

this is as many as 20 connections. This belong to Reliance globalcom services from San Francisco.

The problem is that i may not terminate those connection.

Since they appear , I am closint the cable modem since i am no confident with those.

Thanks for any anwers.


I do not know Reliance globalcom. If it is your ISP, then the connections are most probably legit. If it is not your ISP, then I suggest that you create a global firewall rule to block all access to this particular IP address.

You can do this under Firewall > Advanced > My Network Security Policy > Global Rules.

Hope this helps


It is exactly, what i have made after i have written into this forum.

But, when block it is impoosible to open google search bar.!!!

Does it means that google use this site as a third party site to catch some navigation information.
Oh! oh!.

Can this be true?