Numbers of total definitions of the most important protection programs?

Hi all, I want to know about the “virus database and number of total Definitions” of the most important protection programs like Kaspersky, Norton, bitdefender, McAfee,… and others.

Comodo AV database at the moment of this topic:
Latest Database Version:13768
Release Date (all times GMT):5-Oct-2012 18:59:45
Number of Definitions Added Today:10520
Total Definitions:13441861.
source: Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022

with all my respects.

Have you tried their own forums?

No i didn’t. but i haven’t any idea.

Numbers are not very interesting in this. The total number of definitions does say very little about detection rate.

When an av vendor can produces very efficient generic signatures (one signature catching thousands of viruses) the number of av definitions will reflect this by having less definitions. That means that number are deceiving here. Less definitions may be better sometimes than having more…