Numbering, Classification & Status tracking of reported bugs/wishes

I would like to see a new thread containing the unique numbering, classification and status report of all bugs reported in bug report thread and wishes that are made in various threads.

Here is how I suppose it should be

No. Product Bug/ Wish Classification Priority Status

00001 CIS Summary in Main GUI Wish Normal to be implemented soon

00002 CIS Bug in KIOSK Bug Critical to be fixed in v 6.1
(Clickable link to the topic/thread containing the full report)

We can assign any one of the “Critical/Urgent/Normal/Low” priorities to each wish/bug against it’s unique number.

This way the Devs, Mods and Members can easily track all the bugs and wishes any time and it makes it more transparent to everybody about the status of reported bugs.

I definitely feel this would encourage more members to accurately present the bugs or wishes because they can see that their reportings are actually seen/heard and they feel more respected.

Any suggestions or other thoughts are welcome…

While your suggestion is a good idea, personally I wonder if a better solution would be something like Bugzilla or Jira like idea instead, a more purpose designed system for bug tracking :slight_smile:

BugZilla would be good, but I do not think Comodo need/would use a third party resource for their own internal matters. Just my idea…

People who’ve been with Comodo for a few years will know that I fully support this and indeed have tried to introduce and maintain such a system myself.

There is inexistence a mod’s bug tracking system, Bugzilla, which was quite extensively used for early version 5. In my view this did lead to an improvement in software quality. Numbers were echoed in the forum plus other info.

More on the challenges this system faced later, and how I think a system mght work.

But for the moment, lets just say I fully support this - the issue is how to make it work in practice for users, devs, QA, & mods.

Best wishes


I also feel that there needs to be some kind of similar system for wishlist etc… maybe a kind of voting system that allows most common ideas or whatever it is to be scored so that the Comodo devs can then cherry pick those ideas or whatever to give that product what users need or want the most, just an idea of course ;D

Thank you Mouse for your input and information on the mod’s tracking system, we all learn something new everyday in these forums, hopefully Comodo will think about this idea again for version 6 :slight_smile:

It does sound like a good idea.

I wonder if the Mods collect the bugs, and categorise them in order

For Example: 1 to 5 1: for not so important 2: for bugs to be looked at when possible 3: To be dealt with asap. 4: To be fixed within hours to days. 5: Very Important to fixed shortly.

And for a log of each bug fixed by number. For Example: (Bug found) (Comodo Signature Not Updating) Fixed Catg 5

My Idea does sound good but don’t reckon anyone will like the idea.

Best wishes


I agree with this and support it fully. There is too much chaos amongst the current system in place now. I have just mentioned this in another thread, but you could even take it a step further with testing of the Beta’s, and break the testing down into sections in the forum once released to the forum members. Starting from Priority going all the way down to nuisances.

something along these lines and not necessarily in this order.

  1. test and find exploits/vulnerabilities
  2. Usability issues
  3. Nuisances that neither effect usability/protection but need to be contended with as to attract the targeted audience.

Start by introducing the Beta to the forum, and do so starting with step 1 , this is main focus, above all priority, then once this has been established, and the general consensus agrees that all is ok in this step, move to step two with the members… ect.

Some sort of organized testing.

This is just another idea to “toss” around, but bottom line is, there needs to be a better system in place, in order for things to run more smoothly and efficient.

Thanks Wolfsmith


As a lóóóng term Opera user and forum member, longer than at the Comodo forums, I see some interesting similarities if not to say a deja vu.

For years long term users of Opera have asked for a public bug tracker for Opera (Opera has an internal, but unknown, bug tracker) but that will never come. It is my guestimation that analogous to the Opera situation it is highly unlikely Comodo will come with a public bug tracker either. Reasons? It costs too much to let QA or devvers maintain it… 88)

Entirely valid consideration, and I’m sure that’s what is argued internally, but I wonder if it’s the full picture?

I remember when I was working at Ovum that evidence was accumulating that companies that managed to motivate and engage users in a tight product improvement loop received substantial long term benefits from having done so. So one should maybe count the benefits and set these against the costs?

And from my time in project management that process quality improvement often saved rather than increased costs as well as improving product quality.

That aside there are surely mid-way solutions, for example public bug logging using appropriate software but moderated by mods not devs, with a process bridge into the devs system. In more detail this might work as follows:

[ol]- Forum bug reporting stops, there’s a link to a user-friendly reporting system instead. (They exist, look at what Xobni does). This is available to logged on forum users only, using normal log-ons.

  • Issues could be lodged by users, clarified by interaction with mods who set a ready for assessment tag, and provisionally link issues that seem the same (software support needed)
  • Issues are accepted, classed as wish-list, deferred etc by devs. Challenges to decision would be argued through with mods, then escalated to devs/QA by PM if required
  • Bug status would be normally visible to the public, but not internal discussions
  • Devs could flag an issue as security sensitive, allowing it only to be visible to the original reporter and maybe mods. The bug software would report to all others simply the number of invisible issues.[/ol]

Best wishes


That’s exactly what I had in mind too…

It would benefit the product development a lot without increasing any costs & without killing the developer time…

I am pretty sure many people will be ready to moderate them smoothly as they are doing with this forum…

We do really have a really nice and dedicated set of members here…

Finally, a responsive bug report section would encourage more members to report and present bugs accurately…

Thanks for the input. That’s very insightful. :-TU