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hi. i have a question. when you receive popups from CPF that are “numbered”, like 1,2,3 etc (in a series)…do u have to click on every single one of them and click “allow”? or can u just click on the first in the series, if u want to allow or deny the application?

i am a new user of CPF and i haven’t seen this behavior in any other firewall i have used. thank you for any info.

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You can just click the first popup and it will be allowed. If you change component monitor from ‘learn mode’ to ‘on’ then you may have to click allow on each one.

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thank you so much for the info. i appreciate it. :slight_smile:

well, and it depends on how you adjusted you popup behavior.

Often, you have 2 or more pops for diff. IPs, diff. ports, diff. direction, diff protocol.

If you, for example have adjusted to the highest possibility, you sure have to click every single popup.

I think important to understand is, that the popup behavior options, only hide popups if there is already a rule. And the kind of rule that will be created depends on the adjustment.

So if you have adjusted to “only one pop for an app” (eg no direction, no port,no ip…), at the first time the app is trying to communicate you will get all specific popups anyhow !!! But in this case, if you click on the first, all will close. (That is, because a rule for App X, any,any,any is made, and with that the other popups are no longer important (all is already allowed).

So a tipp: if you try to configure an app for specific things, its best to adjust the popup behav. to highest, or at least so high, that you get the specific rules you want. After that, its much easier to make the rules complete, if it is necessary at all.

( I hope this is all true, but for my testing it was)


This only applies to version 2.3. I suspect Philbee uses which does not have the ability to alter the popup frequency other than not selecting ‘basic pop up logic’


correct. i am using

when 2.3 comes out, is there a “recommended setting” for pop up frequency? what would be the best setting for say, a weather program like weather watcher, which intermittently has pop-ups when the program looks for the lastest weather update?

i’ve never seen a firewall u could configure as much as CPF! amazing! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. Just to let you know there will be an update on thursday to version 2.3
From this you can change what you are alerted for and the frequency like what poser mentioned.


is there a “recommended setting” for pop up alerts in 2.3? i get alerted all the time when a particular file from “weather watcher” goes online to download a weather update. will i be able to control how often these alerts occur with this program?

what “recommended” or “default” setting should i use in the case of this software?

The default settings offer the recommended security. What you could do, is submit the files to Comodo through the new submit feature in 2.3 so it is added as a certified application. This way CPF will allow the trusted application, without displaying a popup.

Also, there is a bug in that made CPF alert you even if an application had been allowed before - this may be what you’re experiencing with weather watcher. To fix this go to the application monitor and delete all entries for weather watcher then wait until it updates. You will get a popup (just allow and set CPF to remember the answer), but CPF should then allow your answer this time without anymore popups.


great! i’m going to try it.

Ok, great. Let us know how you get on.


so far so good. i really hope this problem gets fixed in 2.3. every 15 minutes or so i get a pop up from comodo about weather watcher asking if “dl.exe can act as a server” (dl.exe being the part of weather watcher that actually downloads the weather data).

i emailed tech support about this problem and they have the ticket “on hold”. could they be waiting for 2.3 to be released?

They could possilbly be waiting for the release, however if I were you I would just download the latest beta version, the 2.2 version had a glitch which would cause the firewall not to remember certain program rules, therefor causing it to keep on asking. In the latest 2.3 beta that glitch has been fixed for the most part (I still have problems with 1 game program).

Like justin said they’re probably waiting. Support normally reply within a few hours.


no luck! comodo still “forgets” every configuration i made for “dl.exe”! i changed one thing to allow this file to have both “in and out” access. i wonder if this will work?

it keeps on asking if “dl.exe can act as a server.” i say allow and remember my answer. it’s good for a few hours, and then back it goes to asking all over again.

nonetheless, i’m sticking with CPF! my terrible experiences with both the free, and paid zone labs products have made me “gun-shy” of firewalls. despite this bug, i’m sticking with it, since i am hoping it will be fixed in the next version, and overall the features of CPF are incredible for a free firewall!

…and now comodo is losing config settings for yet another application…the “autoupdater” for “Your Uninstaller 2006”! in fact, i can’t even run the autoupdater while CPF is running. i’ve checked the same box used to get AVG Email Scanner working, and it has no effect. this is a MIGHTY nasty bug…any chance it will be totally eliminated in 2.3?

it’s a really bad bug…

2.3 fixed some bugs so it it may not have this problem. It did also fix the issue with not remembering rules. Many users who had problems did not have them after installing 2.3 beta.


that’s great news! would u recommend using the update tool in my existing CPF to download the new version when it becomes available on thursday? or downloading the full version? will the upgrade uninstall my old version (i hope)?

thank you so much for all your help.

Use the update tool.
Yes the upgrade will uninstall your old version

thankya soooo much! :slight_smile: