Number of posts

Hi, guys!

Has anyone noticed decreased number of posts in statistics?
I have over 3950 of them but from today, in my signature it says 2830.

Can someone from Comodo explain what happened?

I noticed that as well. I had over 1400.

I had about ~2300 posts.

I still have the correct number of posts I think.

No, I think you had much more ;D

Well in that case it was 59X because I am sure I have never seen my post count go above 600. :slight_smile: Or are you all playing some prank that I don’t understand? ???

I really remember you had much more posts … Not 589.

I am 100% sure that I haven’t had over 600 posts ^-^‘’

Edit: I can remember that I’ve seen myself go from 400 to 500 and now soon 600 and I keep a watchful eye on that post count so I’m fairly sure I haven’t had more than 600 before. =P

Admin emptied the sandbox :wink:

Hah! I find that way too funny ;D

Before writing this post I had 1041, but the log of my posts (“Show the last posts of this person.”) shows 1045.

You can check yours.

It sounds like the forum was cleaned up of old attachments and posts. some people were getting errors when trying to attach files so some things had to be cleaned up. we are still discussing the issue

It is ok to empty and optimize but give us our deserved numbers back!
I have spent lots of time to search for malware and send samples to Comodo.
You know how I’m feeling right now?
Like nothing of that ever happened… >:(

There there hugs everyone here know that you have done a great deal for Comodo, it’s community and it’s users, you don’t need numbers to back that up ^-^ You deserve a big hug hugs tightly

This is what I understand has happened.

The Forum server had some issues with attachment space (rather lack of) resulting in a required clean-up.
This in turn has effected the posts and post count of some members, this is an unfortunate side effect and one that I do not see as reversible.

I understand the disappointment this can be for members who devote a lot of quality time to the Forum and for some the post count can help reflect this.
We do know who you are and be assured your efforts are no less appreciated.
We are sorry to hear that this has effected some members.

I can not promise anything, but I am going to discuss this with the other Mods looking for alternative solutions for the future.


Thanks, Sanya!
I appreciate that…and already feeling better… :smiley:

@captain: Thanks… :-\

To Comodo staff and mods… Let’s hope it won’t happen again… You need to put some safety for it now in place…

BTW, you could delete all the attachements very old (i.e on Malware Research Group board there were many attachements from 2008/2009…)

Maybe Comodo is more interested into quality vs quantity :slight_smile:
Zamaraš se oko nebitnih stvari :wink:

Once again, no promises.
This would be very time consuming to remove attachments manually, we are discussing whether or not we could accomplish similar to this idea automatically.