Number of pending files in the Summary

I totally disable comodo firewall Defence feature. But when ever i copy paste or cut paste exe file or dll files or make any installation or unistallation the process is very slow i notice that even Comdo Defence feature is disable
it is making (showing that there are files pending).Any solution to the problem.

i even try re-installation of software but in vain

It must be other software. Is defence+ completely inactive or just disabled?

I have seen mention that Defense+ does not lie inactive despite not being installed. You can try setting it to inactive (Defense+>Advanced>Defense+ Settings), if that is available - never tried to run CFP without Defense+. If that does not work, you can just ignore the Pending Files, or just periodically select all of them and click Remove.

It’s not the same disabling the Defense+ component that uninstalling it while leaving the network firewall installed. Try the latter, a reboot is necessary.