Number of pending files in the Summary [CFP] [BUGREPORT]

My CFP is in Clean PC mode. After copying new executable files to my harddrive I noticed that on the Summary page Comodo still shows “0 file(s) are waiting for your review”, which is not correct, since the new executables should be placed in My Pending Files list in this mode. Opening My Pending Files reveals that they actually are added to the list, it’s just the Summary page that doesn’t show it.

CFP on Windows XP Professional SP2.

if you close cfp and restart it is summary updated?

Shutting down the firewall and starting it up again does update the info.

Switching Security Levels also does.

Closing the user interface and re-opening it doesn’t.

Keep posting here as long as you have this issue but you’ll have to find a way to make it reproducible or developers won’t be able to fix it.
BTW check the stickied topic in this board an add any othe info that could prove useful.


OK, gibran, I can repeatedly reproduce the issue this way:

  1. Open My Pending Files. Select all. Remove all. Close My Pending Files. Go to Summary. Proactive Defense section says: “0 file(s) are waiting for your review”. Close the user interface.

  2. Open My Computer / Exlporer. Go to C:\Windows folder. Select notepad.exe. Copy it and then paste it. A copy of notepad.exe is created.

  3. Open Comodo user interface again. Proactive Defense section of Summary says: “0 file(s) are waiting for your review”. Click on waiting for your review. My Pending Files list is opened, containing 1 entry (a copy of C:\Windows\notepad.exe).

The issue is reproduced in any Defense+ Security Level.

I am running a 32 bit CPF version I also have an Avira AntiVir Personal Edition installed, but the issue doesn’t seem to depend on whether it is running or not.

Maybe I found the issue… Do you have CFP gui opened when you move those files?
If I leave CFP gui opened pending file number is not updated.
but I guess that you got a different issue. Did you try to close(exit) cfp during those tests too?

Is there a way to disable avira? (if not I guess that an unistall could prove useful)
We have to wait for other users affected by this issue. Maybe it is caused by avira.

I had the opposite issue and I reinstalled V3 few times before disappeared. I got 3000+ files in my pending list and I never moved/modified them (many files belonged to System resore backup directory)

I uninstalled Avira. Nothing changed.

The issue doesn’t depend on whether the CFP user interface is opened or not.

I noticed that any Comodo’s baloon message or alert refreshes the number of pending files in the Summary page. But opening the Summary page itself does not.

Could you please post a gmer report GMER - Rootkit Detector and Remover ?
We can only gather enough info to help devs find the issue.
Maybe uninstalling CFP too will help.
Export your ruleset, uninstall cfp then test it with its default ruleset to see if there are any changes.

You can take gmer reports before unintalling cfp and after a reboot too (before you install it again)

Other than this we have to hope other users will join this topic and share their experiences about this issue.

Sorry I’m not much of help.

GMER scans are attached to this message.

“GMER Scan - Comodo Installed” was run with CFP installed.
“GMER Scan - Comodo Uninstalled” was run after CFP was uninstalled and the PC was rebooted.
“GMER Scan - Comodo Reinstalled” was run after CFP was installed again and the PC was rebooted.

No change after CFP re-installation. With all settings set to default it still forgets to update the Summary page info when My Pending Files list is populated with new entries.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I looked at the reports. I have no AV at the moment so with Avira uninstalled we share the same configuration. I use the same virual cd emulator as you but I cannot reproduce this issue.
Did you disable some window services?

No, I didn’t. I believe my XP is quite standard. Critical updates, .NET v2 & v3, no security software running, except for Comodo itself.

Tomorrow I will get to my work PC and see if the issue is reproduced there.

There is nothing more I can think about ???

Well, I installed 3.0.14 on my work PC (also an XP Pro SP2 with no security apps running) and got the same issue. When new files get added to the pending files list, the Summary page info is not automatically updated. It is only updated when one of the following occurs:

  • Defense+ settings are changed and applied;
  • Defense+ Security Level is changed from taskbar icon;
  • a baloon message is popped up;
  • an alert is popped up;
  • Comodo is shutdown and restarted;
  • the pending files list is accessed (via “waiting for your review” link or Defense+ - Common Tasks - My Pending Files) and then closed.

Guess you are right.
I looked at pending list while I was downloading some exe. the summary was not updated until I closed the browser.
I closed the GUI many times with no effect on the summary but I left the gui opened and closed the browser and then the summary was updated.

I never noticed this due to my usage patterns :stuck_out_tongue: