Number of network connections

I am a little naive so bear with me.
I just installed the firewall only.
In the process of installing, it wanted me to confirm that I was connecting to 2 networks…
I thought that I was connected to only one by cable, and then 3 other laptops are connected by wireless.
Admittedly I know little about networks.
Is there something wrong?

Seems like everything else it ok

I don’t think there is anything wrong. If you connect a mobile phone or PDA to your machine it can create a network, if your network adapter hold more than 1 IP address, then multiple network will be detected.

Post more details, eg. IP addresses of the network discovered and members could give you more precise answers.

Easy thing to do would be to run ipconfig /all >c:\result.txt

That will create a file called result.txt at the root of your c: drive with all your network adapters and their IP configuration.

Hope this helps


Thank you!
Yes I ran the report and it makes sense now.
I appreciate your help.
Have a good day.