Number of malware samples

“The volume of threats that attackers are developing continues to increase. For example, last month we collected and analyzed 20 million new potential malware files.”.

Is Comodo able to keep up with this numbers?
When can we expect Valkyrie integration in AV?

Oh yeah. Nobody can keep up with this pace not Comodo not ESET not anyone. That’s why AV’s fail to protect you. Only DD and good HIPS can protect you against such a big number of malware files. Good Q about Valkyrie +1.

Forget DETECTION, that shouldnt be the first line of defense.

DEFAULT DENY should be.
Thanks to COMODO we have it, and for free. :-TU

I agree, however I don’t think we should completely ignore the detection, two layers of protection is better than one.

My point here: Maybe you can collect and analyze 20 million of new potential malware files a month but it’s real number is much higher and that’s a real problem what is not being detected and analyzed.

Good read here: NewsFactor – NewsFactor | CIO Today | Top Tech News | Sci-Tech Today (Wait for the AD to go away)

Game changed : we need automated analysis systems CIMA does perfectly the job see here for example today UnclassifiedMalware : 16386 (these are mostly done by CIMA and some by human).
And Heur.Suspicious : 476 is also from CIMA.
But the main issue with it is number of FPs … Valkyrie is quite better because final verdict mostly rely on static and dynamic and its detection is almost PERFECT. (Just can’t wait to see Comodo Cloud AV or whatever it is) and integration of vk in the cloud :wink:

Nice! Can’t wait! :slight_smile: :-TU