Number of downloads of the various Comodo products?

Can Comodo share the number of downloads for CIS, CD, CTM, CPM, CSC, CB, etc.?
How many people use products other than CIS?
Is it worthy to waste resources on them?


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WOW! :o

In the past two days Comodo has released:

new Dragon v14.1
new Backup v4.0.6
new beta of Faster Master (previous System Cleaner)
new beta of Programs Manager v2.0.0.3

and according to languy’s video CIS v5.8 is not too far either…

Great job, guys! (:CLP)

you forgot to add Comodo Anti Spam gateway, Ccloud…

Yeah…I use only those mentioned… ;D


is this something new? i tried going to it and it doesnt work

can you say what it is

Site works for me. Comodo Online Storage

i was just about to report back. its working now. idk what was going on before