ntvdm.exe being tagged as "unsafe"

Looking for advice on an occasional D+ pop-up warning me that ntvdm.exe is an unsafe program and is trying to access ipconfig. I’m trying to nail down whether this is a false alarm or something to clean.

This may be on the simplistic side, but I’ve taken the following steps thus far:

  1. I checked windows explorer to see if ntvdm.exe lists as a Microsoft file, which it does.
  2. I uploaded the file to Jotti’s malware scan, and it came up clean.
  3. I’ve run malware scans on my pc, which also come up clean.

Is there anything else I should do to confirm nothing suspicious is going on? (OS is XP SP3.)

Appreciate any and all advice!

I have this file on my system in the Windows\System32 directory. You could double check your file at VirusTotal. If it comes up clean again, I would suggest that you drop it into your Trusted Files list.

Here are the results of my file.

Yup, it came up clean on VirusTotal. I’ll move it to trusted files, unless someone else weighs in differently.

Thanks, L.A.R. Grizzly!