ntregopt - comodo aoptions gone

I received a msg that “The System has reached the maximum size allowed for the system part of the registry. Additional storage requests will be ignored”

It was recommended that i use ntregopt - to compress the registry.

After a reboot Comodo started asking me to allow certain processes (I think mostly Nvidia dlls) and seemed like it was relearning again. However, when I try to start An app that it doesn’t know, I can allow it, but there is no option to make it a safe app, just an installer/updater - there are no other options in the drop down menu (system process etc).

Any help?

Oh, I didn’t know, that there’s a maximum allowed size. But I know the cause of your problem! Read here about other impacts you probably experienced before you got this error - and post your experiences there!
It’s caused, because CIS saves its rules in this part of the registry.

To resolve this temporarily, you may clean up your rules. A first step would surely be to remove unneeded rules for applications, which are no longer on your system!
Try Defense±Tab, Advanced, Computer Security Policy and click on Purge (and analog for Firewall tab, but probably you win more with Defense+…)
Another effort is to use predefined policies instead of custom rules for each application.

Purging: https://forums.comodo.com/defense_guides/how_to_purge_the_policy-t30729.0.html