NSS Labs: Consumer Anti-Malware Products: Group Test Report Q3 2010

Consumer Anti-Malware Products: Group Test Report Q3 2010

This public service report is provided free of charge to help consumers identify the most effective security software. Based on these latest test results, cybercriminals are becoming more effective. Consumers need protection and should pick one of the products that scored best in our testing. Some take-aways from this report:

* Malware protection is far from commodity, with effectiveness ranging between 54% and 90%, a 36% spread
* Cybercriminals have between a 10% - 45% chance of getting past your AV with Web Malware (depending on the product)
* Cybercriminals have between 25% - 97% chance of compromising your machine using exploits (depending on the product)
* Expect use of exploits to increase since it is far more effective than traditional malware


Report PDF: http://www.nsslabs.com/download.html?code=Q310_AV_GTR_AMW

McAfee? ESET?
wow… reverse spectrum compared to other tests… :slight_smile:

it’s mind boggling to see results as they are. Mediocre at best. Cyber criminals have the upper hand at this time. Imagine if the creative energy was better spent on better things where things would be.
I do like seeing the hands on live tests that Languy99 does. Although one should not base their opinion on just one prespective. However, in this day and age if you have to chose between preformance vs protection that is mediocre to my mind.

So, please explain to me if I am missing something by this thread that you have put here but, there is absolutely no mention of CIS here.

This test is completely ■■■■■■■■. Trend Micro and Macafee are 2 of the worst AV I have seen, and yet, they turn out first in this test? Completely ■■■■■■■■. And I agree, this has nothing to do with CIS, I don’t see why it should be mentioned here.

By the looks of it, they are testing webblockers, and not real detection.
Interesting thread here on wilders: