NSA backdoor at port 1025 in CPF3? [Merged Threads]

Were there any applications other than the obvious (i.e. browser, CFP) connected to the internet? Also, which of the 3 Stealth Ports wizard did you select?

Yes, uTorrent 1.7.5 build 4602 was also running (Opera 9.24, TheBat 3.98.1, AntiVir PE fully updated, XP Home SP2). I used 3d wizard from the top of app. window (cannot see the exact name now because I turned to CPF2), that was about to stealthe every port as I remember…

3rd basically creates global rule: block ip in & out (everything)

I used to have the same situation at pcflank when utorrent was running, it showed it closed even though it wasn’t the same listening port I used in utorrent! At that time i used IE6 but I didn’t set it to update upon every visit to the page.

Soyabeaner, thx for response. Hope CPF team noticed this moment and will think how to make all ports except those bounded to the listening applications to be truly stealthed. Will stay with reliable CPF for a while…

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But that was with CFP 2 using IE6 for me.

Out of curiousity, are the scan results the same if you were to try other sites like GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling   ?

1025 stealthed here, after a standard install… :slight_smile: